The introduction of agile-like practices initiated by the customer

Agile and other flexible methodologies are fashionable and salutary.

And in the national minds it looks like a revolution from the bottom: programmers and other working people decide for themselves how to live a new way, and enlighten, educate customers.

Of course that can be so. But in the real life very offten we impact with other situation: the customer is ready and want, but the contractors try to stay in the comfort closed mode of hurry-scurry development with an orientation to a lot of features and, may God forgive me for saying it, the requirements specification.

About this real life - when a customer eager to get something flexible and human-oriented, and the team has to go pull up to an acceptable level - we'll talk.

Report is intended for product managers, customer representatives, interface designers and all those who does not expect the appearance of a miracle-team, and wants to bring to life his own programmers.




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