Productsourcing - changing the outsourcing or how to build great products with customers together

Currently, the main focus of software outsourcing companies is to sell man-hours and successfully execute the project with only three important things - deadline, budget and scope of work. 

The problem of the customers, however, is that they don’t need to just buy developers, they don’t want to care about project itself; the only they need is a working valuable product, built as soon as it possible.

More and more customers want a new level of service, so the outsourcing companies are started to switch their focus from man-hours and projects to high customer-collaboration models with deep expertise is the business domain to create really cool and profitable products.

We call this Productsourcing - providing high quality services of product design, validation and creation working together with customers.

We want to share our experience is this field - the brand new customer-proved Agile contract, “comaking” of a product design and customer discovery, hypotheses validation, short time-to-market and a 100% satisfied customer.




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