All you need to know about requirements prioritization

What can a project leader do when number of business requirements significantly exceeds project team capacity, requirements are consistently updated and discovered defects list is growing like a snowball? It’s probably time to prepare stakeholders for the bad times. There is a plenty of known reports and graphs to communicate bad results and blame the root cause, so most of working time is being spent to create some.

However still some freedom is left to the project or product leader to select the requirements precedence within the scope boundaries. An experience manager can recover from any crisis and regain trust of stakeholders by distributing priorities wisely and pushing the project team to execution.

It is not a simple task to prioritize a large number of requirements being changed all over the time, and nowadays there is still no ultimate solution for it. Various known strategies and methodologies of requirements prioritization will be demonstrated during this presentation, including some analysis of their fit and efficiency in most of known project types. In addition some overview of existing tools will be given.




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