Facilitating the development of product strategy: Rapid Foresight method

Every product developed by IT company, inevitably undergoes changes and evolves during its existence. However, any changes require tangible time - and right now you need to allocate resources for the development of new features and functions of the product, which will be presented to consumers in the months or years. How to correctly guess the behavior of the market and the future needs of consumers? Which signals in the present is worth paying attention to be successful in the future? What trends to take into account and what technologies need to be observed?

Foresight - a technology that allows participants to agree on the desired image of the future and of their actions on this future.

Traditional "big" Foresight involves thousands of experts, and its development takes several years. The report will describe a technique Rapid Foresight (RF), allowing to generate predictions in a shorter period of time and without the multi-million dollar budget. Foresight effectively helps to identify the main threats and opportunities for the development of the product and the company as a whole.




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