The rules of good retrospective: the key to the continuous improvement

Retrospective is the most important practice in any Agile methodology since it helps the team to tailor general process to specifics of the team, the customer in the particular environment.

In the beginning, the main goal of the retrospective is to solve the problems the team has faced to. In general, case, solution of any problem is quite simple:

  1. Determine the root cause of the problem ,
  2. Transform the cause in corrective action ,
  3. Get this action done

If one performs all these three simple steps on a periodic basis, in middle term he or she would get rid of majority of the problems, and then could start work on improvements. In spite of the simplicity, the practical implementation of this approach will be brightened up by a mass of details ...

During my talk, I will share some results of my observations on different teams and the rules of the effective retrospective that are based on these observations. In addition, I will share some interesting patterns when well-intentioned team gets into the complex and intricate problems.




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