Engineering design environment. The collaboreation process between the Business, Business-IT and outsourcing service providers

The penetration of IT technologies in the work of the companies and the dependence from  IT , is striking. The larger the business, the more complex set of information systems and technologies  it uses.

The process of integration of IT in business evolved throught a lot of stages:

  • In the beginning was the internal development departments and dreams of a whole (not patchwork) information system.
  • As soon as the growing dissatisfaction with the results of IT, gradually come to understand: software development - it's not the core business of business and this function should be performed outside the company.
  • Began a massive transfer of functions of IT professionals, as development did not stop.
  • But dissatisfaction with the situation in the IT business and patchwork "automation" is not decided.
  • Again busines gradually come to understand - Software development  on order - is a luxury that can afford not every business.
  • Business began massively use packaged and adaptable products. This required the use of a new layer - integrators.

As a result, the IT environment supporting the needs of big business, is a rather complex system. And in many cases, the business is still dissatisfied, most vital tasks information systems are a cure for a disease and poison, generating other diseases.

A complex system requires a  system approach. As part of the report will be offered:

  • Description of the key problems (conflicts) interaction between business and IT
  • We propose a high-level model of the reference
  • Highlights the key functions and roles
  • Justification controversy as permitted in the reference mode




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