Stoliar Anton
Delivery Manager - EPAM Systems
Minsk, Belarus
Attended conferences (1)
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  • 21.09.2015
    Program Management. What. How. Why

    What could be your next step in PM's career path?

    1st project...2nd, 3rd. Small project. Huge project. Agile-based. Waterfall like. What's next?

    How it's act like PM for PMs?

    I my presentation I would like to talk about Program Management.

    What responsibilities should be for Program manager:

    1. Working in big Outsourcing company (10k+ ppl across EU, NA and CIS);

    2. Serving multi-billion revenue client;

    3. Responsible for delivery of 100+ people across different projects

    • Hard
    • 40 min
    • SPM Conf / 5
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