Program Committee

Program Committee

Sergey Archipenkov - Chair, Russia, Moscow

Sergei Arkhipenkov, an expert in the management of software development, PMP ® PMI, Vice President of the Software project managers guild.

In software development more than 30 years. Created the simulations of complex space systems in the Mission Control Center. Led the commercial software development and projects of organizational development in the companies PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Luxoft, CBOSS. Completed projects for the European Space Agency, "Daimler-Benz Aerospace", "Boeing" Corporation, Central Bank of Russia, JSC "Gazprom".

Author of 5 books and more than 100 articles, reports and training courses on information technology and software project management. The permanent participant at conferences related to software development. Reports presented at conferences SEF-2009 (Minsk, Belarus), PM-Labs 2009 (Kiev, Ukraine) , CEE-SECR 2009 (Moscow, Russia) recognized as the best by participants' estimation.


Sergei Berezhnoy, Ukraine, Kiev

Author of the blog, dedicated to themes of interactions between a customer and supplier in the IT projects.
Program Manager in an outsourcing company.
Trained more than 200 students of public and corporate trainings «Outsourcing as a service».
Active participant at conferences (Software People, PM Labs, SEF, etc.).




Dmitri Bashakin, Russia, Moscow

The leading expert on project management at Luxoft Training Center.

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Dmitri Bezugly, Russia, Moscow

More than 5 years of experience in coaching and teaching, author's trainings and courses on project management, leadership and team management, methodologies of software development, requirements management, enterprise architecture and software.

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Askhat Urazbaev, Russia, Moscow

The chief ideologist and an expert on Scrum. Deals with flexible methodologies. He has worked as a manager in Agile-projects, has trained and coached a lot of teams in Russia and CIS. Before engage in Agile, he has led the creation and introduction of a standard process at Luxoft. And before that he has worked in different companies, where he has made a glorious path from junior developer to project manager.
The founder of AgileRussia ( community.

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Ivan Selikhovkin, Russia, Moscow

He is engaged in statement of project management, manages the project offices in the russian IT and consulting companies.
Appears as consultant and trainer as well as founder of his own project Author of books and articles on project management. A regular speaker on leading industry conferences.



Alexander Koltsov, Belarus, Minsk

Alexander Koltsov, partner of Project Office Company (Belarus). Certified Project Management Expert (PME, Russia). MBA degree.
MBA program trainer, course “Management of IT-Projects” (BSU).
More than 7 years experience in project management processes implementation and training in the following fields:
• banks and finance
• IT-consulting
• wholesale and retail
• logistics
• telecommunication
Participation in the benchmarking of project management processes ("VTB 24", "Sibur holding of companies", etc.).

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