The 3rd Conference «Software Project Management Conference» will hold on December 6th, 2013 in Kazan (Russia).

Dear Collegues!

We invite you to take part in the 3rd International Software Project Management Conference (SPM Conf).

The Conference will be held first time in Kazan - the most most dynamically developing cities in the Russian IT sector. You will hear the talks from representatives of IT companies of the region, first in Russia IT-University Innopolis, representatives of Software Project Managers Guild - SPM Guild, representatives of IT companies from the CIS and foreign IT companies.. 

Target audience:

The conference is for CEO of IT companies, mageger of IT projects and products from different cities and countries.

Subjects of the reports is divided into four groups (principle 4P):

  • Processes;
    Not a secret that the success of medium and large companies often have determined not by individuals, but by the quality organization of software development processes and quality control. We will discuss the best practices of the process approach.
  • Projects;
    Classic project management immutable and infinite in depth of application. We will discuss modern methods and tools of project management.
  • Personnel;
    Will be discussed such issues as: how to find the right balance between the results of production (software development) and the development of people? Where to get smart people, if everyone wants to hire them? How to evaluate correctly the work of people? At what stage and who should be engaged in processes related to people?
  • Products.
    Every project has products, but the development of software products differ significantly from custom development projects and even more from projects on  creating ordinary products, which are focused on the classic product methodologies. Therefore, under this section will talk about the subtleties and nuances of product development.

Мы ожидаем, что данная конференция станет очередным этапом в консолидации ИТ-профессионалов и будет, несомненно, интересна и полезна всем руководителям.

Why should I participate?

  • Communication.  For a day of a hard work with colleagues you can find new variants of the problems solution facing to you and your company.
  • Experience. You can get acquainted with the best experts and personally discuss details interesting you with independent experts and representatives of the leading IT Companies.
  • Lobby. Informal dialogue will allow you to receive the information on efficiency and expediency of concrete solutions which your company plans to use.
  • Discussions. Participating in round tables and discussions, you can look at aspects of project management from the different sides, opening new possibilities of effective construction of your work.
  • Contacts. New acquaintances will help to take advantage of a wide experience of the best experts in sphere of project management.
  • Training. Unique possibility of training and participation in master classes will allow to raise quality of work. 
  • Change of scene. Work in new conditions will allow to look in a new fashion at problems of projects and as much as possible effectively invest spent time in company development.
  • WiFi. Fast internet will allow you to perform operational production tasks even listening to the report.
  • Privacy Policy. We do not provide any contact details of participants. Therefore you will not get the "chain letters" with a job offer except for a situation if you leave the contacts voluntarily to a partner of the conference.


Why Companies should participate?

By becoming a partner of SPM Conf, your company obtains the opportunity to the most clearly express themselves, their services, products, research results, before an audience of professionals. This is an opportunity to see the most active participants and invite them to collaboration.
Status of the partner of such the conference as SPM Conf is a testament to the highest levels of the company which is not indifferent to issues of improving the competitiveness of products and the efficiency of internal processes.

Partners of past events: Wargaming, JetBrains, First Line Software, etc.

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